Flute & Piccolo Buyers Guide


When purchasing a flute, there are many options available to you. Here are explanations of a few features. 

C# Trill Key Fingerings


1. B to C# - both octaves, 1st and 2nd, speak accurately and clearly. 

2. C to C# - the C# trill offers ease for this trill, normally trilled with the first finger of the left hand.

3. High F# to G# - using the C# trill key for this trill is easier and more in tune.

4. High G to Ab - using the C# tril key produces far more accurate pitch than the conventional method of using the first trill key.

5. High G to A - this is a winner! An impractical trill on the standard flute, the C# trill key makes this trill a breeze - and accurately in tune! Finger high G, then trill the C# trill key and the upper (first) trill key simultaneously.

6. High Ab to Bb - finger Ab and trill the C# trill key, upper trill key, and lower tril key, instead of the standard fingering of both trill keys, for a more in tune trill.

7. A large variety of tremolos are possible. For example:finger A, Bb, B and C in succession while trilling the C# trill key. This will give you a continuous tremolo to C# (Db). By combining the C# trill key and other trill keys, other tremolos are possible.



How the Split E Key or G "Donut" Insert Works


High E has always been considered a problem note on the flute. It is easily cracked and tends to be quite sharp, especially in forte passages. Ideally, the high E should be fingered with the two G keys (ring finger on your left hand) split so that the bottom key (of the connected keys) is down and the other is up. The split E accomplishes this by dividing the normally connected G key structure so that it will work simultaneously for G yet independently for high E. The G "Donut" insert is a popular alternative to the split E key. It an be installed as an option on a new flute and is also available for flutes after originally purchased.


1. Rapid slurs from high A to high E speak easily with no special fingerings.

2. Quick leaping passages from lower notes to high E and back present little or no problem as the high E speaks freely.